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FirstCall aPerio

aPerio™ Product Features:
USB Compatible
New Acceptance Criteria
Supports New Adaptors for New Probes Types: Aloka, Siemens Cypress, GE Vivid and Logic Book laptop series probes, Hitachi, Philips HD11 cartridge connector probes, SonoSite, and Philips multiplexed probes (MUX) such as the L12-5 and others
Calibration Date on FirstCall Report
New Color FirstCall Report for easy color coded analysis to evaluate probe performance, as well as user set acceptance criteria.
Product Description: The FirstCall aPerio ™ is a unique portable, high-speed testing device designed to measure the relevant acoustic and electrical parameters of most electronic array transducers produced by Acuson/Siemens, Aloka, ATL/Philips, Agilent/Philips and Philips MUX, Cypress, ESAOTE/Biosound, Hitachi, General Electric, Medison, Siemens, SonoSite, Toshiba Medical Systems and others. This easy to use, yet powerful, test device provides repeatable and quantifiable data required to objectively determine the operational effectiveness of an ultrasound transducer, for both acceptance testing as well as on-going QA testing.

The FirstCall™ data is reported in a format that allows clear tracking of performance changes while documenting the key indicators of probe related problems, even before the user can see changes in image or Doppler performance and often while the probe can still be cost-effectively repaired. FirstCall pulses each element within an array to test for: Element Sensitivity (volts p-p), Capacitance (pF), Pulse Width (ns), Pulse Shape, Center Frequency (MHz) and Fractional Bandwidth (%).

The FirstCall™ comes complete with your choice of OEM probe family adapters and probe family device drivers, the operating and report program, a universal probe holder, parallel PC cable, various probe targets and user documentation.

FirstCall aPerio™ Specifications

Data Interpretation: The test device will reveal the source of transducer performance and safety problems such as: (1) the number and location of dead acoustic elements across an array (2) elements that have reduced sensitivity which can contribute to poor imaging quality as well as lower color flow or Doppler sensitivity, (3) acoustic lens delamination, a condition which often results in image drop-out, potential electrical safety issues and long term destruction of the array, (4) broken signal wires or cable termination issues within the transducer, cable, or connector, and (5) read probe "personality" PROM.

The combination of the data provides the operator with the information needed to differentiate between suspected system problems and performance problems with a transducer. These data are presented in an easy to read final report.

Test Time: Acoustic stack interrogation time is less than 20 seconds for a 128-element array.

Controller PC System Requirements: Control PC system requirements: Pentium II, 64 MB RAM, 100 MB hard disk space, MS Word, and a Windows based operating system (98, 2000, XP).

Power Requirement: 90-264 VAC, 47-63Hz, <20 Watts.

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Demo of First Call aPerio
Report from First Call system
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